Yonder blue water

By Deliverance Team on 2013.10.13 In Finished Adventures Places

The Deliverance Team went open canoe!

happycamper-webPerfectly timing the best weather this autumn, we took the open canoes to the island Björnholmen. We started to paddle from Knapped Camp near Karlskoga where I work. (We got 18 canoes for rent if you’re planning to set up a large paddle party sometime.)henkz-web

The lake Alkvettern was like a mirror and the sky was all blue with almost no clouds in sight. After one hour we arrived at Björnholmen, a small Island in the middle of the lake.

The Island is mainly dominated by pine trees and there are plenty of good placed to pitch a tent, or in our case a tentipi.redshirt-web

The campfire was lit and reindeer was on the meny. We ate and drank and then later we watched the sun set from some rocks in the lake.matdags-webstone-webhostrott-web

The night was too hot in the tentipi due to the VERY effective kerosine radiator.

A thick mist covered the lake next morning as we woke up to the sound of shrieking geese flying over our heads.foglake-webfoglake2-web

hemkman-webThe fog had lifted after the traditional egg and bacon breakfast, and the sun was now shining at us once again as we set of back home.dimbank-web


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  1. Hösten ör klart den bästa årstiden för att paddla kanot

  2. Des A wrote:

    Amazing photography!….gives a real sense and feeling of Autumn/Fall….

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