Winter at Djupdalshöjden

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The high mountains near Nittälven.DJUPDALSHLJDENS-NATURRESERV

We often visit the river Nittälven, located at the northern part of Örebro County. The area is characterized by pristeen water, large pine moors and high mountains.

There are many nature reserves in the area and one of them, located to the east of Nittälven, is called Djupdalshöjden. It is often refered to as ‘the roof of the county’.

The highest mountain peak is 431 meters above sea level.Winterscape-web

This picture show the west border of the nature reserve. The protected forest is to the left in the picture. All the pine trees in the reserve are old, many of them has been through 300 winter seasons. The Deliverance Team did not even last one weekend.

Tough winter terrain.

We arrived friday afternoon. There had been no snow on the ground on the entire 1,5 hour car journey, but in the last kilometers we started to see signs of winter. At the parkingspace, marked with a red circle on the map above, we found ourself in a snow white winterland.

The initial walk up in the mountain area was hard. After a half kilometer the ascend was over 200 meters vertical. Normally what wouldn’t be a problem, but we had snowshoes a heavy sledge to pull behind us. Our goal was to reach a small cabin at the far side of the reserve sometime next day and to spend the first night in a Helsport Varanger 8-10.1911675_10153943113305121_1879007600_n

The decision to bring the Helsport tent turned out to be a bad one. (We could just as well have slept in the windshelter near Hallmarkshöjden.) So because of the Helsport Varanger and a too large amount of beers in the sledge, we were really tired when the ground finally flatten out at the bog called ‘Tågmossen’.

Damp fever night.

The walk across Tågmossen was like a walk in the park. A harsh beautiful landscape and flat ground made our spirits rise and for the first time we could actually concentrate on the scenery.dsdda-web

We arrived at the windshelter near Hallmarkshöjden about one hour before sunset.

Despite feeling tired we immediately started to stomp 50 cm deep snow on the ground where we wanted to rise the Varanger tent.dudess-web

Finally the tent was up and a nice campfire lit. Warm food and a sip of whiskey made us feel really comfortable as large snowflakes slowly started to fall from the black winter sky. A cosy Christmas feeling spread around the camp.minor-02-web

We hit the sleepingbags pretty early and fell asleep soon after that. We both woke up at 3 a.m. The ventilation valves had collapsed due to bad tent manegement from our side. Everything was now wet with condensation. In top of that I started go feel warm. I opened up the sleepingbag completely, but I was still sweating.

Mission aborted.

In the morning the fever was gone but I had no strength what so ever. All my energy was gone and my muscles was acing really bad.  I realised that I was about to become really sick. A decision to turn back was made.

Winter-Henk-webThe walk back downhill to the car was pretty easy compared yeasterday. The cigars that we were supposed to have smoked at the cabin was lit at the parkingspace before getting in the car for the drive back home.

The decision to turn back was a right call. I broke out in a five days long flu when we got home.

We are definatly getting back to Djupdalshöjden, but the next time it will at summertime.cigarr-web




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