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Mike and Henkkarta_malingsbo_klotenAt the dark end of November 2012 we felt the urge to go on a adventure. This time without packrafts.

Our interest fell on ‘Malingsbo – Kloten rundan’ in Dalarna. Our plan was to hike for two days and sleep in cabins along the way.

We started at a cabin 300 meters north of Abborretjärn where we parked our cars. The choise of parking would later cause us som concern.

The cabin is just one of many in the area and this one must be a  recent buildt one due to its good condition. It had gravel floor with a large fireplace in the middle of the room and on the sides of the cabin, wood benches for sleeping. We spent the evening drinking glögg and talking old memories.


The next morning was grey with rain hanging in the air. We started walking the trail north. We soon discovered that the area was heavy deforestated. If you are looking for a beautiful nature experiance , Malingsbo-Kloten is not really the place to walk. I would think that paddling the area gives you a much better nature experiance, far away from the ugly deforestation. Naturarvskompaniet in Kloten is renting both open canoes and kayaks.

Later that day the weather got slightly better and we took lunchbreak by the side of a small tarn.

Although it was the near end of november I could walk with no jacket on, but as we sat still I had to put in on.

We checked our map and decided which path to take. We found what looked like a good place to nightcamp at Lumsberget. It had both cabin and windshelter. IMAG0688_Karen_Bocea_Round

On our way to .facebook_-1649619994_Anne_Devine_WhiteoneLumsberget we met several moose hunters wich had no luck in their hunt.

We arrived to our selected nightcamp at 3 p.m. and looked forward to some good rest and whiskey. The camp looked like a small medieval village and we suspected that it was the result of some live roleplaying game.

However, the campsite did nor live up to our expectations. And we started looking at the map for other alternative campsites.

We found one a couple of km down south but it would get dark within an hour and we would have to walk the last km in darkness.

With no time to lose we were on our way.

When darkness fell we put on our headlamps and started looking after the cabin in wich to sleep. IMAG0691-1_Aladin_Wdgrad_Tio

When we finally found the cabin we saw that it was in less good contition than the cabin at Abborretjärn. There was also no firewood so we had to go out in the dark forest and collect some.

We slept like logs and when we woke up the next morning we made some nice bacon and eggs.

Leaning against the wall we found the biggest pan we’ve ever seen. You could made some awsome panncakes with that one!


We decided that we wanted to check out the watchtower at Gräsberget on our way back to our car.

There was a drizzling mist of rain in the air when we got there. The wooden tower was very slippery and we had to walk carefully as we blimbed to the top.

The view was totally obscured by rainmist and we could only see 100 meters ahead over the treetops. What a bummer.

There is also a cabin near the watchtower, much bigger than the other ones we have seen on the tour. Inside we met two other hikers that we had encounter yesterday. They told us that the road up to the cabin at Abborretjärn usually is closed by a road barrier. Now we got a bit worried that someone may have closed the barrier trapping our cars inside.

A quick phonecall to the responsible of the roadblock took care of that problem. The road was still open.




We decides to mostly walk on gravel roads the last km to our cars becouse of the wet terrain.

It was great to come out for a walk the last time before the snow. The nature experiance could have been better, but the hike gave us a chanse to test some new equipment. We were pleased.














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