There are packrafts…

By Deliverance Team on 2013.09.23 In Equipment

…and then there are packrafts.

Denali Llama & Big Rig FeathercraftThere are several types of packrafts out there on the market. I will on this post list the most common ones.

What exactly is a packraft? Well, if you can carry it in a backpack and if it floates it basically qualifies as a packraft.

The leading maufacturer of packrafts are without a doubt the Alaskan company Alpacka Rafts. Their handmade pacrafts has already after a few years become iconic to the packrafting scene. The make different models of packraft, from the smallest Scout with a weight just above 1 kg to the largest Explorer 42 with a weight of 2,7 kg.

Feathercraft is coming on strong with their new generation of self bailing packrafts.

scoutScout, Alpacka Raft

1,45 kg

183 cm

Denali Llama without spraydeck

Denali Llama, Alpacka Raft

2,4 kg (without spraydeck)

239 cm

The vintage Roe  Boat

The Vintage Roe Boat, Alpacka Raft

2,24 kg (without rowing frame and floor)

241 cm

Explorer 42Explorer 42, Alpacka Raft

2,7 kg

259 cm

Baylee1BayLee1 River Runner, Feathercraft

2,95 kg

200 cm

BEAST feathercraftBEAST, Feathercraft

8 kg

278 cm

Nrs2NRS Packraft, NRS

3,36 kg

208 cm

Litewater Dinghy latgeLitewater Dinghy, Klymit

1 kg

180 cm

Flytepacker packraft, Flyweight designsFlytepacker, Flyweight Designs

1 kg

170 cm

The hornet, Kokopelli Raft CoThe Hornet, Kokopelli Raft Co

2 kg

137 cm



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