The Venture is getting closer

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The Venture


We will be heading north in two weeks to shoot our new movie ‘The Venture’.

We were hoping for a little bit more rain the weeks before departure, but the weather Gods are not with us this time.  We have shortened the trip due to the expected low waterflow, but we will still be out for four days. Sadly, this also means there will be no shoots of us doing any neck breaking whitewater paddling this time. Our guess is that the rapids will be in state of class 1-2 unless any unexpected rain will fall in the next couple of weeks.


The Gear.

Right now it looks like will be paddling two Alpacka Rafts and one Gumotex Palava, seen in this Picture above. Our initial plan was to paddle the larger and self-bailing Gumotex Baraka, but that plan unfortunately changed out of out control. One of the reasons why we choose an inflatible canoe instead of four packrafts, is that we will be sleeping in a bulky Helsport Varanger 8-10 tipi.

Gazeing small

Crash and Burn.

We will be using 4-5 GoPro cameras and one Sony Handycam to document the trip. We have already been shooting small parts of the movie. The picture above is from when Henrik tried to shoot some bird view scenes with a GoPro attached to a quadcopter, only to crash it in the river.

The plan is to release the first part of three of the movie in the middle of october.

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