The Northern Easter

By Deliverance Team on 2013.03.31 In Finished Adventures Movies

From Nittälven to Svartälven

– A journey through ice and fire.

The first Deliverance Team adventure this year went to Nittälven and Svartälven.
We had been planning the trip online for a couple of months since we all live in different citys. Our plan was to packraft the northern part of Nittälven in the high spring flood, but the winter had other plans for us.306024_10151402010328026_575535920_n_Harry_Gavril_Whiteone

In the middle of march the temperature was down to -18 degrees Celsius. The same time last year the temperature was +18 degrees.

We decided to go ahead and do the trip in easter as planned. We guessed that at least the river should be ice free around the rapids and if the river was too much frozen we could always move and paddle the open and bigger river Svartälven instead.

When we arrived at Kolbron, a bridge over Nittälven our hopes were crushed. The river was not only frozen, but had almost no water at all due to the dry and cold weather.

Dry and frozen river.

We decided to spend the night at Nittälven and on Good Friday the next day move to Svartälven.

We had a great time with lots of good food; Kolbullar, elk meat, smoked raindeer, whiskey and beer.


We slept in a Helsport Varanger 8-10 tentipi. The temperature outside dropped to -10 degrees Celsius, but the kerosene burner did a good job keeping us warm.

Suddenly in the middle of the night we woke up to a high sound. One of our cars alarm had been set of. No sign of intruders, but we joked about “locals” coming to get us. The thing is that we had been planning to scare (dressed as Hillbillys with shotguns) our two new team members. But now we all got some of the Hillbilly scare.

Hillbilly from the north!

In the morning we packed and left for a 60 minutes travel South.The tour we were about to take is described here. At arrival we had to walk 800 meters to get to the river and when we got there it was time for our next setback. The river was almost dry! Thanks a lot hydrogen powerplant…But anyhow we blew up our packrafts and started to paddle the very shallow water, knowing that it would get deeper after a couple of 100 meters.Finally in the water!


As the water got deeper our spirits rose. Finally we could enjoy some nice rafting. The sun was shining and everything was just perfect.Suddenly we saw ice ahead. As we came nearer we saw that the whole river had frozen. Because the powerplant had turned the water off, probably the day before, the still water had frozen during the night. The whole river was now covered with a thin layer of transperent ice and was in that state impossible to paddle.527794_10151401965968026_270166093_n_Fred_Focal_Hassel

So we started breaking the ice by walking and hacking, hoping that the ice would disapear further ahead. After a couple of houndred meters it stood clear that it would not. We were finally beaten! We decided to walk 1 km and order a taxi to take us to our cars.

Loaded packraft.

We spent the evening together in minor wallowing over our defeat, but all in all it was a great weekend. And spending the weekend oudoor together with good friends can never be a bad thing.




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  1. Anna-Lena Bergqvist wrote:

    I really loved to read about your Eastern weekend adventure. Nice pictures :).

  2. injuringeternity wrote:

    haha! how funny! We were supposed to packraft Svartälven the same time as you guys, seems like we had a good feeling cancelling the trip!

    • deliveranceteam wrote:

      Great to hear 🙂 I would feel bad for tricking you to go there. The river has been ice free all winter. Bad luck!
      I added a link to a motion Picture of the trip above.

  3. borntorun wrote:

    awesome! great pictures

  4. Jeremie from Injuringeternity wrote:

    Hi again!
    Well it seems that Spring is finally here. SO, we are planning to packraft Svartälven next week. We are going to be a pack of 4 to 6 packrafts! As I’ve seen in your posts, you are a local from this area. Maybe you can help me then: do you know if there’s any public transportation from Hällefors to Tyfors? I can’t find anything exept included transportation for canoe tours…

    • deliveranceteam wrote:

      I have no idea 🙁 I live too far south.
      However, I really, really recomend Nittälven this time of year. The season for paddling the river is almost over for the season and it is a shame to miss it. I’m going there myself tomorrow. Besides I’m not sure that the ice has disapeared from the lakes. I travel past Hällefors tomorrow on my way to Nittälven and I can check the ice status on the lakes. Nittälven is by far the best paddling water in the southern part of Sweden, unless you include Voxnan to the southern part of the country. Check my video from the northern part of Nittälven wich contains fun rapids and exilent packrafting water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtpdKJrNEk4

      • injuringeternity wrote:

        Why is the season ending soon? Your video is really nice. Now I want to go there… I have to figure it out. Do you think Early July would be too late for this river?
        Btw I am just back from a pckaraft trip in Dalälven, will post about it soon!

        • deliveranceteam wrote:

          Nittälven is one of the last wild rivers that is not destroyed by dams and hydroplants. Therefore it only has high water at spring flood or after heavy rain. Recently Nittälven got the samt protection status as the Everglades and the Big Barrier Reef. It is a treasure! True wilderness with comforts like windshelters etc.
          Juli is too late for the fun northern part os the river, unless we get a very rainy summer. Better chances at good paddeling in autumn.

          • injuringeternity wrote:

            arf! I meant to say “early June”, in a month’s time.
            It sounds great, I definitely have to plan something there! Thanks!

          • deliveranceteam wrote:

            June, yeah possible. I’ve done it (lame rapids and low water at that time though): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJMxdS5R5-s

          • injuringeternity wrote:

            OKAY! you convinced me, we’re going next week! 🙂 What’s the best place to start? We will leave Stockholm on Thursday morning and we have time, we just have to be back Sunday evening. Is there any public transportation? thanks again!

          • deliveranceteam wrote:

            There is no public transportation. Maybe you can start just below Uvbergsbron at the small bride at Nittälvsbrännan 2,5 km South (the dotted line). http://kartor.eniro.se/m/n2YKF

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