The new packraft from Alpacka Raft

By Deliverance Team on 2014.09.27 In Equipment

6398670_origEarlier this week, the American packraft manufacturer Alpacka Raft announced the release of their new genuine white water packraft.

It still has no official name, but there is a name giving contest in progress right now and the author of the winning name will get the new packraft as a price.

There is still little known about the new packraft besides the dimensions, weight and colour.

What it looks like from the official pictures, the packraft has a sturdier seat then the other models. It looks like legstraps on both sides inside of the boat, but it may also be something else. There is a tube from the traditional air vault at the right side of the boat, which gives the paddler the possibility to add more air into the packraft without leaving the seat. This is something that has only been done DYI before. http://thingstolucat.com/pimp-my-packraft/

The link to the new packraft is here.

If you have any more information about the packraft, please post your comments here or at the Deliverance Team Facebook page.

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