The Little Big Gear Review

By Deliverance Team on 2013.11.18 In Equipment

A quick gear review! To read about packrafts and other paddle gear, check out earlier posts.

20 l ultra sil drybag sea to summit 179 krSEA TO SUMMIT – ULTRA SIL DRYBAG

Price: 179 SEK (20 L version)

Yes, very light indeed. But it is too fragile and will rip easily.

Better buy a more robust design with thicker material, the weight differance is not even noticeable.



Fjällräven Canada shirt 999 krFJÄLLRÄVEN – CANADA SHIRT

Price: 999 SEK

Great wool mix that feels comfortable even during wet conditions.

The only potential bad thing are the snap buttons, but so far they perform well.

Great quality and price worthy.


Jula fotogenvärmare 2,2 kW 699 krANSLUT – KEROSENE HEATER

Price: 599 SEK

The effect of 2,2 kW do a great job of warming up a tipi and it is more effective and sheaper then the TENTIPI – HEATPAL. We’ve had +26 degrees Celsius inside the HELSPORT – VARANGER 8-10 tipi during a cold Swedish winter night. The fuel tank is 5,4 liters and lasts about 20 hours. The negative things are the size and the kerosene smell. You will need a canoe or a  sledge to transport the heater.


GoPro Hero 3 Black edition 2490 krGOPRO  – HERO 3 BLACK EDITION

Price: 2490 SEK

There are a lot of reviews about the Hero 3, but I’d like to mention what i especially like about the camera: The photo quality!

The only bad thing about the camera is the battery time, but i know that it will improve in upcoming versions.

Very price worthy and it has become maybe the most important gear in my equipment list.



Price: 4795 SEK

With a price like that, nothing is bad about theese pants. Strechy, water repellent and extremely durable. (Hey, KEVLAR reinforcements on the legs!) Too hot in the summertime.

Priceworthy? Only time will tell. I expect them to last at least 10 years.



Norröna para ranger 120 l 4000 krNORRÖNA – PARA RANGER 120 L

Price: 4000 SEK

Man it’s heavy, nothing for the Ultra Light fanatics. It carries weight like a dream though and it is cool looking. It has a lot of anchorages for external gear such as sleeping pad, paddles when packrafting, etc.

A three liter water bladder fits exactly in any of the two removable sidepockets. Sledge mounts on the hip belt.


Linder 465 l 28 kg 13700


Price: 13700 SEK

Ugly, light and durable.

One good thing about this canoe is that if you manage to break a hole in it, it can be repaired with a TIG welder. (I speak from own experiance). The weld is as strong as the rest of the ALU hull. I’ve also experianced leaking from the joints in some canoes efter a couple of years in use.


Pinewood Kilimanjaro 569 krPINEWOOD – KILIMANJARO PANTS

Price: 569 SEK

Crap! Does not stand sparks from the campfire, the stiches break and the cloth rip after just one season.

The only good thing is that thay look nice.

Low price, but not price worthy as they last just one season.


primus eta solo 685 krPRIMUS – ETA SOLO

Price: 685 sek

Fast boiling, light and small.

Rust occurred almost instantly at the clips that locks the can to the burner.  However annoying it is, it has not any effect over the functionality,

It can be modified to heat a frying pan as well. All in all, a good buy.


thermarest neo air Xlite large 1995 krTHERMAREST – NEO AIR XLITE (LARGE)

Price: 1995 SEK

Love this inflatible Thermarest! Small pack size, extremely light and comfortable.

Do not use directly on rough or cold surfaces.

And it rustle, which may drive tent friends insane.



Varanger 8-19 7599 +4000


Price: 7600 SEK

Synthetic cloth and low weight. I have nothing bad to say about this product  when combined with inner tent and floor (an extra cost of 4000 SEK). Price worthy.

Oh, one bad thing; the included plastic drying rack sucks. It bends over the weight put on it.


western Mountaineering Highlite 2516 krWESTERN MOUNTAINEERING – HIGHLITE SLEEPING BAG

Price: 2500 SEK

Very light down sleeping bag for summer conditions. Can be compressed into almost nothing.

Not for a large individual. Half way zipper.

I recomend it!


Sealskinz mid length sock 545 krSEALSKINZ – MID LENGTH SOCK

Price: 545 SEK

Waterproof socks, what a wondeful invention. They work pretty well and will definatly keep your feet dry during a wet canoe trip. However, they will not  do the job in even more extreme conditions.

Worth the price? Not quite, but if you find them on sale, it’s a buy!



Lundhags Professiona High 3195 krLUNDHAGS – PROFESSIONAL HIGH BOOTS

Price: 3195 SEK

Awsome boots. There is no way you will be disapointed. Treat them well and they will take care of your feet for many years. They dry fast and it usually only take a change of socks to get dry. Awsome grip and steadiness.

Maybe they are a little bit too heavy, but I can’t really think of any bad things about theese boots.



Mora 2000 185 krMORAKNIV – MORA 2000

Price: 185 SEK

For the price it’s one of the best knifes that you can buy.

It’s light and has a good handle which gives you a good grip with no risk of slipping.

Morakniv is quality.


Primus Sleep Rest 599 krPRIMUS – SLEEP REST

Price: 599

The unnecessary pillow started leaking air after one night in use. The hole was in a corner which made in impossible to fix. Now I have a 35 cm too short sleep rest with no pillow.

Don’t buy.

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