Paddling The Five Reserves

By Deliverance Team on 2013.05.04 In Finished Adventures Movies

Nittälven and five nature reserves in one day.

This is a more technical description of our paddling tour at Nittälven the first of may this year. The youtube clip below focus more on the nature experiance.

This part of the river you can only paddle at spring flood in the last weeks in april, or after at least one week of heavy rainfall. The river is wild and unregulated and will turn into nothing more than a small creek the rest of the year.472866_10152824922295121_1658101678_o

There are no public transportation systems to the area. The nearest town is Kopparberg about 15 kilometers away and the roads are made out of gravel. Unless you are keen of walking i suggest you bring two cars since the start and finish points are about 20 kilometers apart.

905464_10152824923965121_1772862585_oStart Point: Lilla Nitten or Abborrtjärnen. We actually started right between the two lakes where there is a parkingspace by the road.

Finish Point: Dansarbacken. Parkingspace, windshelter and a natural water source at the bridge that crosses the river.

I recomend the small cabin Eskils Koja 600 meters from Dansarbacken for sleeping before and after the paddeling. There is room for three people, it has a fireplace inside, firewood and a privy.

I only recomend inflateble canoes, packrafts or whitewater kayaks due to the rivers nature.

You can drink the water in Nittälven without boiling it first, but the water from some of the small creeks and the natural water source at Dansarbacken tastes better than tap water.

The whole paddlejourney took us ten hours with two half hour stops for food and rest. (Inflating and packing our canoes included.)905464_10152824923950121_589100896_o

EXTREME CAUTION WHEN ENTERING BRATTFORSEN! There is a waterfall just after a couple of meters behind a riverbend. If you don’t know the area, I do not recomend paddling after the small bridge.

Wear a drysuit or like us, fishing waders. You will have to get in and out of your canoes several times when you get stuck on rocks in low water.

If you only are interested in white water or want to shorten the trip, then you can finish at Uvbergsbron instead of Dansarbacken. There are two windshelters and firewood at Uvbergsbron.

Well that is all the importent stuff I can think about. Do not hesitate to write to me if you have questions.

905464_10152824923970121_712525943_oThe links to the Nature Reserves below are in Swedish, but if you want English, click on the English flag icon to the right. There are pdf maps aviable for download which shows windshelters, trails etc. Very helpful.

Övre Nittälvsdalens Naturreservat

Brattforsens Naturreservat

Mördarhedens Naturreservat

Nittälvsbrännans Naturreservat

Kaljoxadalens Naturreservat




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  1. injuringeternity wrote:

    OMG this post comes in a perfect time for us! This is just great, THANKS!!!

  2. Gunnika wrote:

    Coolt! Det går att klämma in 5 stycken naturreservat om man vill under kort tid! Fin tur verkar ni haft också! 🙂 Måste bara fråga vad det är för musik som du har i filmen? Tänkte framförallt på den första låten….

  3. Gunnika wrote:

    Häftigt! Mysig tur!

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