Swedish Packraft Round-Up 2017

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The Swedish Packraft Round-Up 2017 will take place at the river Fuluälven a.k.a. Fulan, April 28th – May 1st. The river has flowing water all the way and a couple of rapids. The nature has a wilderness feeling and the river a close proximity to the Fulufjället National Park.

It is a six hour drive from Stockholm and four and a half hour drive from Oslo.

The is no fee to participate in the round-up, but we want to know in advance if you are coming or not.

There is no organization behind this event; you are not covered by any insurance.

Your security is your own responsibility.

There will be participans from different countries, therefore all posts in this event will be in English.

Packraft Round-Up co-ordinator is Henrik Bergqvist from the Deliverance Team.

dsc_0591 Friday:
We gather 18:00 at a parking space close to the river Fuluälven, one kilometer north of the small village Husvallgölen: N: 6820274 E: 397529
We leave a couple of cars there (we will return here by packraft on monday). We drive the rest of the cars to the village Mörkret.
We will make base camp at the primitive camping spot near the river. There might be a small fee, about 8 Euro. (Can someone look that up?)
We spend the evening with good company, food and drinks.
Base camp Mörkret: N: 6837422 E: 381268

We drive a couple of kilometers north west to the small tributary Fulubågan. We spend the day with some advanced white water and taking photos etc. If we have the time we may also check out the highest waterfall in Sweden; Njupeskär.
We spend the night at basecamp Mörkret and getting reday for the two day packrafting trip down river Fuluälven.

We hit the river and packraft about 15 kilometers downstream. There is no known camping site along the way, so we’ll keep our eyes on the lookout for a good spot to camp. In last case, if all good camp sites fail there is one gravel parking space here: N: 6828348 E: 389213

About another 15 kilometers down the river until we reach our cars where we left them near Husvallgölen. We get the cars back from basecamp Mörkret and then we are done.

Additional fun events may occur during the Round-Up!

More information at the ‘PACKRAFTING IN SWEDEN’ Facebook group.

The 2016 Swedish Packraft Round-Up (#swedishpackraftroundup) was documented in the award winning movie ‘INFLATIBLE PEOPLE’ by Urban Packrafter:

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