Step into the Wormhole

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The nature reserve Murstensdalen 20 kilometers north of the town Karlskoga is a big wilderness area without any roads. There are two trails going through the reserve, one is 5 kilometers long and the other is 12 kilometers long.

Mursten 06murstenkartaThe varying terrain offers deep valleys and high tableland with tarns, pine forest and moors. The height difference is 116 meters from the lowest to the highest point in the area. Bear and bobcat passes through the area, but the local wolf population has been heavily reduced due to scabies. There is a weak brown trout population in the area which is maintained by a fish conservation group. Fishing is not allowed in the reserve.

The gravel road that leads to Murstensdalen climbs 300 meters above sea level. A wooden sign that reads “Murstensdalen” points out a narrow road that leads to a small parking space. The trail starts right there next to an information board. The trail is circular and though it doesn’t really matter, I suggest hiking the trail counter clockwise. I will take you through the reserve in that direction. The trail begins in green forest with wet moss covering the ground. After some kilometer as the trail leads higher up the plateu, the ground gets drier and the green forest gets replaced by open pine moorland. Enormous quantities of blueberry grows here and you can also fin a lot of cloudberrys if you step of the trail.

Mursten 02Soon you will encounter a windshelter at the small tarn Gruvtjärn. There is a privy here as well.  Usually there are plenty of firewood here although you may have to do some of the chopping of your own. Know that it is not allowed to pick firewood from dead wood anywhere in the reserve.

The trail fork here at Gruvtjärn. The shorter route leads to the east, while the longer route continue south. After a while the path passes some man made stone formations . Great or disturbing, you decide.Mursten 04

Half way around the reserve you will get to a valley and another windshelter by the narrow lake Lången. The amount of firewood may be more scarce due to a higher amount of overnighters here than the windshelter at Gruvtjärn. The windshelter itself is not in mint condition, but it works. From this point the trail will gradually take you up on to higher grounds again. The paths follows the valley and you will have a nice panorama view over the small lakes below. After some kilometers the short and the long trail merge together.Murstensdalen

mursten 01The pines up here on the mountain are several hundred years old. Some of the pines in the reserve dates back to the year of 1545.

After traveling north beside the valley for a couple of kilometers, the trail now turns to the west at the tarn Galtjärn. You will get a nice view of the small waterfall at the other side of the lake. The waterfall can be closer inspected further down the trail. There is a small house close to the waterfall where bags of lime are stored. The lime is poured into the creek and transported down the waterfall and into the lakes below to reduce the acidification of the water.Mursten 03

The trail leads west from the waterfall and after some kilometer it reaches the parking space.

Due to the high altidude, Murstensdalen gives you the impression of being much further up north in the country than you really are. It’s almost like travelling through a wormhole to the northern realms when you visit Murstensdalen. So for a quick dose of ‘escapism’, visit the place!Mursten 05


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