Save the Rivers

By Deliverance Team on 2013.09.22 In Movies Uncategorized

River small sizeWe have a lot of beautiful rivers in Sweden. Sadly most of them are cut up by hydroelectric dams.

About 85 % (depending on how you count) of our rivers are “destroyed” , if you will use that term, by water power plants.

Addition to being a compleate disaster for the biodiversity, it is a bloody annoyance to kayakers and other paddlers. The Deliverance Teams home water Nittälven is one of the few pristine rivers left. This year it gained international protection status by the wetland convention ‘Ramsar‘, along with other famous wetlands such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Everglades.

The most famous organisation for the protection of Swedens rivers is Älvräddarna.

Here is a clip from Sportfiskarna about the issues of hydroelectricity.

And for all of you who do not understand Swedish, here is a grasping video of a coulple of guys who decided to paddle the ENTIRE Colorado river, from the start to the near end. The thing is that one of the greatest rivers in the world doesn’t even make it to the ocean…



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  1. Therese wrote:

    Älvräddarnas arbete kan inte lyftas fram nog, toppen!

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