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By Deliverance Team 2015.04.05 in Movies

Feathercraft BayLee1

By Deliverance Team 2015.03.29 in Equipment



The BayLee1 is a light weight packraft from the Canadian Company Feathercraft.

It has larger cousins, the BayLee2 and The Beast. The BayLee1 is more expansive than the similar packrafts from Alpacka Raft. It has the old school Alpacka Raft look, before they introduced the big butt version in 2011.

The BayLee1 is available with or without spraydeck and self bailing floor.

The fabric is the same as Alpacka Raft uses for their packrafts; uruthane covered nylon cloth.

The seat is placed a little bit away from the stern unlike the Alpacka Raft packrafts, and it gives the possibility to store a smaller drybag behind the seat.

There are handles in both stern and bow for carrying and dragging the packraft, something that I really miss on the Alpacka Rafts.11104197_10152786401427444_59118319_n

The D-rings on top of the BayLee1 are great, but should be placed further up the bow. As a resault a large puddle of water collects on top of the spray deck when they are used to secure luggage.

The air valve is different from Alpacka Raft models. It has the same push valves as the inflatible canoes from Gumotex.

Unilke the Alpacka Rafts, all the valves and nozzles are placed protected inside of the boat.

To air fill the BayLee1 you connect an adapter to the valve and then the air bag to the adapter. The rest is the same as on the Alpacka packrafts; fill the bag with air and push the air into the tubes. The BayLee1 has two air tubes unlike the Alpacka Rafts that only uses one.11096845_10152786401382444_2102181177_n



203 cm


94 cm


2,95 kg (without spray deck)

3,4 kg (with spray deck)

4,54 kg (with self bailing floor)

Swedish Sale and Rental:

Avanza Kayak

Season premiere: Northern Nittälven

By Deliverance Team 2015.03.23 in Finished Adventures

Early Spring Flood

The spring flood came one month earlier this year. Mikael and Henrik decided to grab the opportunity for some packrafting down the river Nittälven.

Equiped with one Alpacka Raft, one BayLee1 and a Helsport Varanger 8-10 tipi we hit the gravel roads towards the river.

The information about the condition of  the roads was wrong. We choose the sand road that passes by the meadow Dansarbacken. The road was 50% ice and 50% quicksand. The nearly got stuck with our cars several times.

2015-03-22-10.11.58Basecamp Uvbergsbron

We set our camp near the bridge Uvbergsbron. Our plan was to sleep here over night and the next morning drive one car to the village Nittkvarn/Yxsjöberg 10 kilometers up North, paddle back South and return to basecamp at the end of the day.

Because we had a basecamp to return to, we could treat ourselves to a little luxury; stove, proper food, and several comfortable sheepskins to sleep on.

As the evening fell over our basecamp, we made owen baked pizza in the stove.

Over night the temperature dropped and it started to snow a lot. We woke up to a beautiful winter landscape and as the sun started to rise on a clear sky.


Going Down

We drove one car to the starting Point. Our plan was to paddle through Nittälven Nature Reserve, something that has never been documented being done before. We did not know if it was possible doing, but we thought that we at least should give it a try.20150321_161228_Aladin_Ldgr

At first it seemed promising. The river was wide and deep enough. We paddled through  beautiful nature. The trees was covered in fresh snow that glittered in the sun as it blew off the branches. Magic!

The troubled began after a couple of houndred meters. The valve to Mikaels packraft seat broke and he had to sit on the bottom of the packraft. The river got too small to paddle and with several minor waterfalls up ahead, we decided to leave the river and walk pass the Nature Reserve one kilometers down to the tarn Lilla Nitten. When we arrived to the tarns we found ourselves in campany with two other guys paddling an Gumotex Palava. They recognized us as The Deliverance Team and told us that they have had the same idea of paddeling the Nittälven Nature Reserve, but had to give it up just like we did.

Mikael, now without a seat in his BayLee1 packraft, borrowed a drybag stuffed with Henriks dry change of clothes. Of course the drybad did not stand for that and all of Henriks clothes got soaking wet after a while.

Bye, Bye GoPros

As we paddled down the river, through the Upper Nittälven Nature Reserve, Henrik dropped both of his GoPro3’s in the river and they were lost for ever. All of our Beautiful winter Pictures and videos are now laying at the bottom of Nittälven. We had nothing to to show from our adventure. A feeling of hopelessness started to spread. Mikael was wet and “fucking sick” of his broken packraft and spent the rest of his journey cursing his vessel.

Waterfall and end of the Line2015-03-23-09.58.28

As we arrived to the Brattforsen Waterfall, enough was enough for Mikael and the other two guys in the Palava that had accompanied us since Lilla Nitten.

Henrik who knew the sudden waterfall behind a bend of the river paddled first and jumped of his packraft in the strong current to catch the BayLee1 and the Palava from going over the waterfall.

The soaking wet Palava guys decided to camp at Brattforsen and Mikael simply pulled his non-functioning packraft out of the water and walked the remaining four kilometers back to basecamp.

Henrik, now along on the river, continued South after a short portage at the waterfall.


Another Broken Packraft

Just after leaving Brattforsen behind, Henrik discovered that thare was a hole in the bottom of his packraft. Cold water sprinkled into the packraft and though he had waterproof cloathing, the cold was pretty disturbing. He spend the last kilometers sitting on top of the stern of the packraft to prevent freezing his balls off.

All’s Well that end Relatively Well

Mikael and Henrik arrived back to basecamp at the same time. The stove was lit and soon the warmth started to spread in the tipi.

We made some pulled beef, drank some warm Glögg (mulled wine) and reveled in our misery.

We had  broken two packrafts, lost two GoPro cameras and with them an entire winter packrafting movie, but our spirit for adventure is still there.

Until next time.

This is the small hole in the packraft.







Härkila Expedition

By Deliverance Team 2015.03.08 in Equipment

Waterproof  Expedition duffel bag from Härkila.

h03This duffel is designed for hunters, but is an interesting item for the tacticool packrafter.

It is available in three sizes: 40 L, 75 L and 100 L.

This one is a 75 L bag and the weight is 1,93 kg.h11

Packraft and paddle inside the duffel, and still plenty of room for your other equipment.h06

Notice the small waterproof side pocket above the handle.h04

The bag has roll down closure.h05

Buckle on both sides of the bag. This is the biggest flaw on the bag, It will not seal 100%. and the duffel will  have leakage if submerged under water.

The shoulder straps can be hidden if the duffel is carried in its other handles, but it works great as a back pack.

The shoulder straps and the rest of the bag is fast drying.h02




Fjällräven Canada Shirt

By Deliverance Team 2015.02.15 in Equipment

A love story.


Let’s face it. Everybody has felt regret for a crappy outdoor item that they have bought. It might be those cheap good looking pants that started to loosen the seams after half a season, or that foldable barbecue stick (what was I thinking?) The Canada Shirt from Fjällräven is not one of those objects. It’s been with me for a couple of years now, and let me tell you this; It is great!

It has been exposed to smoke from countless numbers of campfires and tough hikes. The shirt has NEVER been washed and still it smells like it did when i bought it at the Naturkompaniet store. Pretty amazing.

bacon1At first, I was a little bit sceptic about the push buttons, but they have turned out to work really well and they are still going strong.

The shirt is varm. In winter i only use the Canada Shirt combined with a wool undershirt when doing physical activities. On break I wear a down vest on top.

In addition to the sweater will make you look like an badass lumberjack, it is really functional and easy to maintain.

Consumer Material 46% acrylic, 24% polyester, 26% wool, 4% other fibres


Henrik Bergqvist

The Deliverance Team

Musikhjälpen – Outdrr fans Unite!

By Deliverance Team 2014.12.12 in Uncategorized

header-200add847cf45874f49b0017373f74adThe Deliverance Team startar en insamling till Musikhjälpen. Sprid/dela till alla dina friluftsvänner så gör vi en enad front i kampen mot HIV.
Målet är 2000 kr.

Klicka på länken och dela!



Down the river Voxnan

By Deliverance Team 2014.11.14 in Finished Adventures

Uncertanity.Team header

It was time for a new adventure. We have had our eyes on the river Voxnan for over a years. Its many rapids, over 50 of them, felt very apealing to us. The location of the river is in the middle of Sweden, about four hours drive from Stockholm. The nature along the river has a wilderness feeling, but it is far from pristeen wilderness. There are a couple summer cabins and windshelters along the river side.

Vox06webThis time, all of the Deliverance Team guys would join the trip. Martin had been away working abroad and had not been able to adventure with the rest of us for for over a year.

The best time to paddle Voxnan is at spring flood in May, but we took a chance and decided to take the trip in October. Hoping for a rainy autumn, we realised as the trip draw closer, that our wishes were not to be fulfilled. There fell no rain at all the weeks before departure, and things started to look so bad that we began to look for other alternatives than Voxnan. As always, we were going to make a video documentary about the trip and we also had ourself some sponsorship this time. Not to be able to shoot the documentary would had been a small disaster for us.

Vox07webWe decided to shorten the trip due to the low water flow. Our original plan was to start at Rullbo but we changed it to the bridge at Hamra. By doing this we missed the opportunity to include the canyon south of Rullbo in the documentary. We also missed a dam that is located north of Hamra, and by this the chance to give the documentary an enviromental point of view.dagreenbaoat

Mikael and Henrik who are the fishermen of the team was looking forward to do some fishing along the trip, but had to let go of those plans because of a temporarely fishing ban.

The Equipment.

The Bojs smallAfter some discussion we decided to bring the Helsport Varanger 8-10 tipi instead of sleeping under tarps. Tim and Mikael were going to paddle the Gumotex Palava and we had space enough in the canoe for the tipi. Martin and Henrik were going to paddle packrafts; the Denali Llama and the Yukon Yak from Alpacka Raft.jhgfhjweb

We had five cameras, four GoPro’s and one Sony. The GoPro cameras were of the Hero 3 model, except one wich was the older Hero 2. The GoPro Hero 2 turned out to be crap with constant fogging on the lens and a bad performance over all. We could only use a couple of seconds of the filmed Hero 2 material in the movie.

Down the river!

Despite the low water flow, 16 m3/sec of the recomended 25 m3/sec we found the river still good enough to paddle. The class IV rated rapids were nothing more but class II, but at least we were going down stream and the mood was good.

FiremartinwebThe distance between the bridge at Hamra and Hylströmmen where we would end our trip is 30 km.  We did 4 kilometers the first day due to a late start. The second day we hit 20 kilometers, giving us only 6 kilometers on the last day to paddle. The last 6 kilometers before Hylströmmen were quite boring to paddle with no rapids at all.

We set camp near windshelters both nights. They shelters were not buildt to sleep in så we slept in the tipi the whole trip. In the evenings we played made up quiz games by the camp fire.

Our plan was to camp at Hylströmmen on arrival and then drive back home the morning after. But the camp site at Hylströmmen didn’t fell into our liking and we decided to drive 20 kilometers further south to the big rapid called Vinströmmen. A good decision. The area at Vinströmmen was open pine forest with a great view over the river. We found a large stockpile with plenty of birch fire wood, prepered bonfire sites and a couple of benches. As our wilderness trip officially was over, we thought that we could at least treat ourselves with this kind of luxury.

The movie.

If you haven’t seen it already, here is the complete movie of our trip.

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