Packrafting Lungälven

By Deliverance Team on 2013.05.29 In Finished Adventures

Lungälven is a small river near the city of Storfors in Värmland.

It is connected to the lake and river system Bergslagskanalen. If you happen to be paddling the northern part of Bergslagskanalen I recomend a detour on Lungälven.Lung 04

Lungälven 02The river is shallow, narrow and slow flowing. There is a trail called Lungälvsleden that partly follows the river. The trail is marked on the map to the left. The trail is no longer maintained and it can be hard to find it sometimes due to bad trailmarking. Therefore bring a map.

There is a windshelter where the trail crosses the river, a good place to start paddling.

The river itself is difficult to paddle because there are a lot of fallen trees.Lung 03 It is very time consuming to pass theese obsticles; something that you must take into account if you’re planning to paddle the river. On the upper side you will see some nice nature. The river has dug deep in the sand rich soil and it almost fellt like a rainforest sometimes with the ferns and hanging vegetation on the steep sides of the river. Then there are the almost tropical amount of mosquitos; the most vicious mosquitos that I’ve ever met!Lung 02

Lung 06The last kilometers before the river meets up with the lake Stor-Lungen the nature surroundings change as the river it flows trough a big moss. After passing the moss the river flows into Stor-Lungen and bergslagskanalen. Here you can choose between going north to Bjurbäcken or south to Lungsund. You can extend your paddle adventure many days from this point if you want to.Lung 01

Lung 05There is a windshelter on the small island Kistnäsholmen in Stor-Lungen where you can spend the night if you want to.

You don’t have to use a packraft to do this trip, but i find it easier to pass fallen trees in the river with a light packraft. If you want to use a canoe then you have to start at Lungälvstorp. Put the canoes in the water at the bridge.





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