Packrafting Dead Water

By Deliverance Team on 2014.03.17 In Movies Places

The loss of rapids and salmon population.

The Deliverance Team are grown up in the town Karlskoga, Sweden. There are two larger rivers passing through the town; Svartälven and Timsälven. Both are tributaries to  the Gullspång River water system.

There are five dams in Karlskoga. Everyone of them is preventing the water to flow free. Packrafters and all the aquatic lifeforms don’t like that.

DEAD WATER is a short video that has no story, it is white water porn with enviromental information at the end. Enjoy.

How to build the over the shoulder GoPro mount used in this video: http://deliveranceteam.outdrr.com/gopro-mount-for-packraft/

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  1. travelnorth wrote:

    It’s a great post about the problems of water power in Sweden. I remember the view of Ritsem, the exit of Sarek national park, and the strange view of the unnatural Akkajaure lake. The river running in this flooded valley was deemed as one of the most beautiful in Europe, and the waterfall protected by Sweden’s first national park destroyed. Sad. Fortum should care more about this, and not just sell off their water power as ’environmental friendly’ while it destroys landscapes and ecosystems.

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