Packrafting Bergslagen: Lakes

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The Svartälven River System

Place: Malmlången, Karlskoga – Lundsfjärden, Grythyttan

Water Flow: 37 m3/s

Date: 16th Juli 2015

Henrik went on a solo tour upstream the water ways of the river system Svartälven. Equiped with a packraft, sail and fishing rod he paddled his way north, through the boreal forest and lakes of Bergslagen. This part of Svartälven is more of a lake system, than a river system. The journey took three days and he passed four lakes along the way; Malmlången, Skärjen, Halvarsnoren and Lundsfjärden.

Without a sail and so many big lakes, this route is not really packraft friendly. Buf if you do own a sail and have the winds blowing in your favour, a packraft might be a very good idea. There are several portages along the route because of dams and a packraft makes them pretty easy to do.

The river can be paddled at any season, accept winter. We  recomend to paddle the river in autumn, when the wide open lake views gives an fantastic show in red and yellow.

If you want to see more about the trip, watch our movie Black River.

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