Meteorite impact!

By Deliverance Team on 2014.08.13 In Places

10530519_10154533679730121_4979552604505458579_o webA bright big ball like burning magnesium rushes accross the sky. A large tail of smoke follow in its way.

The big explosion rips apart the horizon, just like an H-Bomb, a second after the ball has vanished behind the treetops. Pines and firs are thrown to the ground by the blast and are set on fire.

Large rocks are thrown up in the sky and are falling down all over the landscape.

The impact of the meteorite has made a 80 meter deep hole in the ground.

Now, thousand of years later, chrystal clear water has made a small lake where this dramatic event took place. It lies in the middle of the area of Bergslagen.

Scuba divers who has been down there says that there are large rocks scattered all around the edge of the black bottomless crater. Stones that have been brought up to the surface still smells of sulfur.

hgyyugf webChildhood memories and big trouts.

I used to spend my summers here as a child. I loved to go fishing on the lake and I spent hours freediving the clear water. The lake has a a clear sight of about four meter. For a ten year old boy like myself it was like stepping into another world. I felt like an weightless astronaut that hovered over some desolate moon landscape as I was looking down on the rocks and stones below me.

So now, 41 years old, I decided to return to my childhood lake with a mission.

There is a unique species of trout in the lake called the Brunnshytte trout. It grows very big, about 5 kg. (The reccord is somewhere around 9 kg!)

The trout is very tolerant to low pH. The lake hit the low pH of 5.0 in the middle of the 1970′s before the liming program started.

Despite all my tries I never caught that trout. So I decided to give it one more try.

10361256_10154533307130121_7595214725007415280_nGame on!

I had my inflatable Gumotex Palava canoe, a Hilleberg Akto tent and a fishing rod with me. The first goal was to find a nice campsite.

The strong wind made it difficult to paddle. It was impossible to do any trolling for trout from the canoe right now.

I found a nice campsite at a small cape where i pitched my tent and made some dinner. The wind was still too strong so I decided to do some fishing from the shore.

I knew that I couldn’t get any trouts from land, they are found at 15-20 meters deep, but i got some small perch and was pleased by that.

The wind died down in the evening and I myself out of the canoe. I paddled around for a few hours. I got a rush of adrenaline every time the fishing rod twitched. Trout! But each time it was a pike on the end of the fishing line.

Finally, I gave up the fishing as the night started to fall.10408808_10154533925940121_8558817200813677834_n web

Reflecting stars.

A large full moon rose over the treetops as I sat by the shoreline. As I listened to the distant call of the loon and the sound of geese that flew over my head, I lifted my head and saw sudden flashes of falling stars in the night sky. It made me think about that meteorite impact a thousand of years ago.

How amazing it is that something this beautiful and calm can come out of something that devastating.

Anyway, I never caught that trout this time either. Which gives me a great reason to return.2014-08-11 21.25.20 web2


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