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Make your own free GPS map.

This is a tutorial on how to make your own custom maps to your handheld Garmin GPS. It’s easy, it’s free and it is legal. Perfect if you only are interrested in local areas and not want to spend a fortune on expansive large maps such as the Swedish Friluftskartan.

Once you get to know how it is done, the entire procedure takes about 5-10 minutes.

  • The first thing you have to do is to download OkMap. This program  will help you make the Garmin custom map. You will also need Google Earth.
  • Save the desired map area (save as…, scan, screenshot etc) as a JPEG file. Eniro and Google are good, but Lantmäteriet has the best maps where trails and windshelters are marked. A good tip is to zoom in and get several detailed map and then put them together Photoshop to make one big detailed map. (You can even draw your own map as long as the scale matches reality.)

Murstensdalen-webThis map is made from two screenshots from Lantmäteriet, put together using Photoshop.

DjupdalshojdenThis map is a custom map from Länstyrelsen. Read below on how to use it in your GPS.

  • Now it’s time to georeference your map. That means that you will give your map the right coordinates. You do that by using Google Earth an the OkMap program. Choose four points in Google Earth and note their coordinates (Lat: 59°19’36.28″N & Long: 18° 4’18.28″O and so on…) Now mark the EXAKT same four positions in your map using OkMap. Take a look at this youtube clip how it is done. Note that unless you have scanned a paper map, you will probably not have a map grid shown at the end of the movie. That doesn’t matter. Save the .kmz file on your computer.

  •  You are almost done now. Generate .kmz file  into a Garmin Custom map (.okm file) using OkMap. Compare it to Google Earth if you like. Does it match? Great!

  • Connect your handheld Garmin GPS to your computer and copy the custom map file (.okm)  into the “Custom Maps” file on your GPS.
  • Go explore!
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