Make Beef Jerky

By Deliverance Team on 2013.04.22 In Equipment

IMAG0862-1_Hagrid_SexHere is how I make Beef Jerky, wich is much cheeper than bying it in the the store.

I use minute steak, hickory flavoured bbq sauce, mushroom soy, garlic, smoked paprika spice, black pepper and chili. You can replace or add different ingrediens after choice, like change the bbq sauce for worcester sauce. The important thing is that you have something that adds smoked flavour unless you don’t plan to smoke the meat yourself wich of course gives the best taste.

For half a kilo meat I use about 2 dl bbq sause and 1 dl soy. Smoked paprika and black pepper after choice and one chopped chili.

Cut the meat in three cm wide stripes and put them with the other ingredient in a plastic bag for 12 hours.

IMAG0863-1_Melissa_TolvHang the meat in your Owen. It is importent that the meat hangs free and dont stick together. Set the temperature at 75 degrees Celsius for six hours. The meat should be ductile, not crisp or hard.

The Beef Jerky can be stored for at least one month.

Enjoy with beer or whiskey.


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  1. Nils wrote:

    Great tips, I need to dry that beef jerky!

  2. injuringeternity wrote:

    I am a vegetarian ….

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