International packrafting round-up.

By Deliverance Team on 2015.04.22 In Finished Adventures

Get together.

Nitt-037The Deliverance Team was contacted by Jacob, also known as the Urban Packrafter. He and HikeVentures had this idea of doing a packraft trip together with us.
Always up for adventure and packrafting we jumped on the idea.

We agreed to show them our home water Nittälven and the date was set to 17-19 of April, to catch the best of the spring flood. The plan was to paddle the northern part of the river, starting at the tarn Lilla Nitten. However, spring flood came one month too early and we realized that the water would be too shallow at the point of date.

The starting point was therefore set to the bridge at Uvbergsbron and the finish at the wind shelter at Havsjömossen; a one and a half day paddle trip.

Cold night and frosty morning.

DSC_0101-widesmallThe Deliverance Team arrived to the area earlier than the others. The team was represented by Henrik and Martin who also brought along a packrafting green horn friend by the name of Pär.

Since Urban Packrafter and HikeVentures were supposed to arrive later that evening, we took the opportunity to check out the flood at the Brattforsen waterfall further up north.

As we expected, the water level was to low to packraft, but the fall gave us an impressive show nevertheless.

Night fell and so did the temperature, but the mosquitoes did not seem to mind the cold and the random spots of snow and ice still lingering around the area of Nittälven.

Nitt-001Urban Packrafter and HikeVentures arrived after 23:00. We had a Quick chatt and then went to sleep all five of us in a windshelter.

The night brought temperatures under zero degrees Celsius. Due to the unexpected low temperature Henrik had a lot of problems boiling water with his kitchen using summer gas.

Even flow.

Nitt-003We took off down the river as soon as we had our breakfast. The river has a nice flow the first half of the day. There are no rapids but the water is flowing in an fast pace and there are almost no need for paddle strokes at all.

This is the last weekend to start a paddle trip from Uvbergsbron. In one weeks time, the water level will be too low. pine-rafter-small

We gently drifted past pine heaths and bogs. The morning cold was starting to give in for the sun shinging down on us from an almost cloudless blue sky.

A couple of rapids.

BeerWe had lunch at Eskils Koja. Konstantin from HikeVentures had brought local beer from the Neatherlands and Jacob offered us some home smoked bacon. Henrik from The Deliverance Team introduced the forigners to the owen cooked meat called Tjälknöl.

Nitt-033After lunch we had a couple of class I rapids to pass before we were done for the day. The first ones are in the Southern part of the nature reserve of Kaljoxadalen and the other rapids called Laxforsen (The salmon rapid)  are a couple of kilometers further south. The last rapids are at the bridge called Kolbron.Nitt-012

Nitt-17Nitt-017There was no problem taking the rapids, but this were probably the last days of the season to ride the white water without hitting any stones and such.

Camp Kolbron.

Nitt-030We arrived at Kolbron after aprox six hours of paddling. Tents and tarps were raised and the traditional camp fire was lit.

We had a great time telling jokes and talking about our outdoor experiances. bottle

Nitt-027A large flock of craned flew over our heads and landed on a nearby bog. As their calls woke some of us up the next morning, Martin was already on his feet and on his way to bring life to the dying embers of last nights campfire.

Many fallen trees.

Nitt-035We had this idea that the last part of the trip was going to be an easy one. The river flows through a sandy lowland and starts to meander a lot.

strandedsmallThere was a lot more fallen trees over the river than the last time the Deliverance Team was here. We could pass under the most of them, but a couple of obstacles right before the windshelter at Havsjömossen had to be climbed over or portaged.

After the arrival to Havsjömossen and picking up cars, we honored the tradition and hit the local pizzeria at Kopparberg. Before we said goodbye to each other, we decided to have another packraft adventure together…





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