Härkila Expedition

By Deliverance Team on 2015.03.08 In Equipment

Waterproof  Expedition duffel bag from Härkila.

h03This duffel is designed for hunters, but is an interesting item for the tacticool packrafter.

It is available in three sizes: 40 L, 75 L and 100 L.

This one is a 75 L bag and the weight is 1,93 kg.h11

Packraft and paddle inside the duffel, and still plenty of room for your other equipment.h06

Notice the small waterproof side pocket above the handle.h04

The bag has roll down closure.h05

Buckle on both sides of the bag. This is the biggest flaw on the bag, It will not seal 100%. and the duffel will  have leakage if submerged under water.

The shoulder straps can be hidden if the duffel is carried in its other handles, but it works great as a back pack.

The shoulder straps and the rest of the bag is fast drying.h02




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  1. Paloma wrote:


    Your article is very complete and I enjoyed reading it. It’s impossible to find the bag anywhere. I tried all vendors, and I wonder what your advice would be. What’s the expedition dufflebag nearest in features and quality that you would recommend from any other brands? Please, let me know. Many thanks!

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