Greenland Wax – Not only for G-1000

By Deliverance Team on 2014.08.31 In Uncategorized

20140830_122610I bought myself a very cheap Tru Spec jacket. The plan is to use it when packrafting flat water.

It has a short waist wich is good when you are sitting down i an packraft. It is large enough to put over the PFD and the jacket has four larger pockets on the arms and on the chest. Perfect for packrafting in other words.

Now, the only trouble is the water resistancy. Or the total lack of it.

The fabric is 65/35 polyester/cotton, the same as in the G-1000 from Fjällräven. I thought that it would work pretty well to impregnate it with Greenland Wax, usually used on Fjällräven clothes.

The result was very good. The melted wax made the fabric feel like an old school oil coat. The jacket will not have any problem with neither wind or water splashing.

Pretty good for the cost of 350 SEK.

20140830_151834Applying the wax.

20140830_163652A thick layer of wax on the arms.

20140830_152004Melting the wax into the fabric at 60 degrees Celsius.

20140830_173159Done! There is almost no visual difference, but the fabric feels much more robust.

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