GoPro Mount for Packraft

By Deliverance Team on 2013.06.13 In Equipment Movies

DIY camera mount for the packraft.

IMAG1040-1_Aladin_Rise_PinstripeHere is how to make the Staclker Mount which gives you a great ‘over the shoulder’ view with your GoPro while packrafting. It is cheep and simple to make. The material cost is about 12 Euros and it takes 15 minutes to make. it is also very light and steady.

The Stalker mount is attached to the bow of the packraft. Therefore it follows the packrafts moves and not yours, which is more pleasent to watch. it can be dismanteled and put together in five minutes.IMAG1029-1_Hagrid_Vignette

Buy yourself some PVC pipes for indoor plumming with the diameter of 3,2 cm. It can be found in every hardvare store. You will need about 2 meters depending on how high you want to make your Stalker mount. You will also need a T-piece and a 90 degrees bended pipe in the same PVC style. The last thing you nedd are two  7-8 cm long bolts with screw nuts.

  1. Measure the length between the two stern mounts on the Alpacka Raft. Cut two pipes so that they together with the T-Piece match that length.
  2. Cut the pipe that goes into the third hole in the T-Piece. The length should be approximately 25 cm. The 90 degrees bended piece is to be put at the other end of this pipe.
  3. Cut the pipe that will go up from the 90 degrees benden piece. Choose a length of your own liking. Test film with the GoPro to make sure that you are happy with the hight. The GoPro Handlebar mount will go on top.
  4. Cut a pipe that will go across the Stalker mount to make it steady. Drill holes according to the Picture above in which the bolts will fit.

Fasten the Stalker with some rubber cord, burdock, etc at three places on the packraft: The two stern mounts and the lower bow.IMAG1024-1_Lumina_Uneven

Here is a clip on how it looks!


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  1. BigJ1488 wrote:

    Really cool mount! That is a great view point, especially for filming fishing. I am looking forward to seeing it in a little rougher water as well.

  2. WidW wrote:

    Hi guys,

    A great mount for the GoPro! I’ve borrowed your idea and made one myself. Please find the result at:
    or go directly to the video at:

    Thanks for this great idea, happy floating!

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