Go with the Flow

By Deliverance Team on 2013.08.12 In Finished Adventures Places

Do drinking beer and travel down a river for a couple of days sounds like a great idea? Hell yeah, we thought and set our ways to Nittälven.timmen-web

We had made no plans what so ever about where to start, camp or end the trip. “Go with the flow” was our philosophy this time. The rain was pouring down at the day of departure. Great news for us, hoping for a lot of water in the river.

We arrived at thursday evening. In a struck of panic I realised that I had forgotten one paddle to the canoe. A short trip to the wilderness company Nordic Discovery  where we rented a paddle solved that problem. We were quite pleased so find the rain pouring down as we made ourselves at home at the small cabin Eskils Koja. It stopped raining later in the evening, but the river continued rising during the night. When we woke up we saw that the river had risen about 20 cm. That ment that we could start much further north than we had originally hoped for.forsen-web

We took a car 10 km North to the waterfall Brattforsen where we carried our packraft and inflatable canoe down to the river. We soon discovered that the water level actually was much lower than we had hoped for, but it was still feasible.

We started paddle our way South back to Eskils Koja. The rapids were shallow and we got stuck a lot with our canoe and packraft. I was wearing waders so i just jumped out of my packraft and walked the rapids when they got too shallow. Mikael and Tim who had the canoe had to portage past the shallowest parts of the river.

After some kilometers, just as we passed the tributary Nordtjärnsälven, we stopped for lunch. We walked up a hillside overlooking the river to find a nice dry place to eat. On the other side of the will we found a small creek that turned into a beautiful small waterfall. “There can not be many people who have seen this waterfall”, we said to ourselves. There is gold in Nittälven and I immediately started to fantasize about panning this virgin ground for gold.

ccccThe trip continued South and when we reached the bridge Uvbergsbron we were quite fed up with the too shallow rapids and started to look forward to some easy paddling. South of Uvbergsbron the river changes character and becomes deeper and it starts to meander a bit.

We arrived back at Eskils Koja at 16:00. Now what? Shall we continue paddle south ,or should we hit some of the trails in the area and sleep in a windshelter or maybe in the tipi that we had with us. After some discussion and a couple of beers later we decided to continue paddle south.

Once again we spend the night at Eskils Koja. It struck us that we had only seen one mosquito since we got here. Quite remarkable!

We started the next day with some coffe, egg and bacon. Some of us had a headache from last night but found no pity from the fellow members of the team.

timmen-2-webThe wilderness North of Uvbergsbron is hilly with rocks and rapids, but in this area the rivers runs through flat land with bogs and pine moors. The river sides are lined with sand banks, perfect to stop and rest at. We even took our clothes of and hit the cold river for a refreshing bath.

It took us three hours to get from Eskils Koja to Kolbron which was our final destination. We found a campsite next to the bridge that we didn’t know existed. We had our lunch there.Aaaa-web

We now had the possibility to visit Djupdalshöjdens nature reserve about 15 kilometers away. It is the highest point in Örebro län and has a trailsystem and a newly buildt cabin. The cabin is not open for public yet, but Länstyrelsen kindly let us have the code for the lock on the door. After some discussion we decided that we would visit the cabin some other time. We packed our bags and left for home.


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