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By Deliverance Team on 2014.01.24 In Equipment

After a day out in the woods or packrafting a river there’s nothing like having a piece of elk or reindeer meat in front of the campfire.
foodVacuum packed, smoked, salted and dried meat that arcticshop.se provides does not only taste great, it can be stored for a long time. Kept in the fridge it can last for many months waiting to be consumed.

The products are quite expensive with the delivery fee and all, so you better know what you are buying. Here is our review on some of their products.

1 Torkat_renkorv_renhorn_L_2533Dried reindeer sausage.

The drying process brings out the reindeer taste in a nice way. It lasts long because you only need to cut thin slices. Lightweight.

PRICE: 54 SEK or 6,46 EUR



2 marmröktrenhjärtaSmoked reindeer heart.

A mild smokey flavour and tender meat.

PRICE: 98 SEK or 11,76 EUR




3 HröktälghjärtaSmoked elk/moose heart.

More expansive then the smoked reinder heart. Mild smokey flavour and tender meat, but reindeer above tastes better.

PRICE: 144 SEK or 17,28 EUR



4 Delikatess_alg_renhorn_L_2528Delicacy smoked elk/moose steak.

Taste like regular mild smoked meat. Really tender meat that you cut in thick slices . Goes better as a complement with other food than just with beer or whiskey.

PRICE: 145 SEK or 17,40 EUR



5 Sjaunjagravat_renhorn_L_2525Sjaunja marinated reindeer meat.

Incredible flavour. The salty and sweet taste of the marinated meat melts in your mouth. Enjoy it with a cold beer or cranberry juice.

PRICE: 179 SEK or 21,48 EUR



6 Kallrokt_ren_renhorn_L_2524Cold smoked reindeer meat.

This is the favourite! It has a dominant smokey taste. Cut the meat in ultra thin slices and enjoy them together with whiskey. It lasts for a long time and has a relative low weight. A real taste of the wild.

PRICE: 172 SEK or 20,64 EUR



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  1. Sean Shitstorm wrote:

    Is there anyway to get these food to the U.S.?

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