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By Deliverance Team on 2015.02.15 In Equipment

A love story.


Let’s face it. Everybody has felt regret for a crappy outdoor item that they have bought. It might be those cheap good looking pants that started to loosen the seams after half a season, or that foldable barbecue stick (what was I thinking?) The Canada Shirt from Fjällräven is not one of those objects. It’s been with me for a couple of years now, and let me tell you this; It is great!

It has been exposed to smoke from countless numbers of campfires and tough hikes. The shirt has NEVER been washed and still it smells like it did when i bought it at the Naturkompaniet store. Pretty amazing.

bacon1At first, I was a little bit sceptic about the push buttons, but they have turned out to work really well and they are still going strong.

The shirt is varm. In winter i only use the Canada Shirt combined with a wool undershirt when doing physical activities. On break I wear a down vest on top.

In addition to the sweater will make you look like an badass lumberjack, it is really functional and easy to maintain.

Consumer Material 46% acrylic, 24% polyester, 26% wool, 4% other fibres


Henrik Bergqvist

The Deliverance Team

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  1. Älskar den skjortan! Varm,slitstark o skön. Finns inget bättre än att klä sig som en “Lumberjack”:)

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