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The BayLee1 is a light weight packraft from the Canadian Company Feathercraft.

It has larger cousins, the BayLee2 and The Beast. The BayLee1 is more expansive than the similar packrafts from Alpacka Raft. It has the old school Alpacka Raft look, before they introduced the big butt version in 2011.

The BayLee1 is available with or without spraydeck and self bailing floor.

The fabric is the same as Alpacka Raft uses for their packrafts; uruthane covered nylon cloth.

The seat is placed a little bit away from the stern unlike the Alpacka Raft packrafts, and it gives the possibility to store a smaller drybag behind the seat.

There are handles in both stern and bow for carrying and dragging the packraft, something that I really miss on the Alpacka Rafts.11104197_10152786401427444_59118319_n

The D-rings on top of the BayLee1 are great, but should be placed further up the bow. As a resault a large puddle of water collects on top of the spray deck when they are used to secure luggage.

The air valve is different from Alpacka Raft models. It has the same push valves as the inflatible canoes from Gumotex.

Unilke the Alpacka Rafts, all the valves and nozzles are placed protected inside of the boat.

To air fill the BayLee1 you connect an adapter to the valve and then the air bag to the adapter. The rest is the same as on the Alpacka packrafts; fill the bag with air and push the air into the tubes. The BayLee1 has two air tubes unlike the Alpacka Rafts that only uses one.11096845_10152786401382444_2102181177_n



203 cm


94 cm


2,95 kg (without spray deck)

3,4 kg (with spray deck)

4,54 kg (with self bailing floor)

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  1. Ben Brochu wrote:

    To strap your pack on the bow of a Baylee, use the grab handle and the front d-rings. Works much better.

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