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By Deliverance Team on 2013.04.10 In Finished Adventures


2013-04-10_13-34-07_Nio (1)Trösälven is a small river that runs near the town Karlskoga where I live. It is a tributary to the much bigger Gullspångsälven wich also includes the rivers Svartälven, Timsälven and Bergslagskanalen.

There are several starting points, but the last 5 km are the easiest to paddle. The starting point for that short route is easily accessilbe by road north of the finishing point at Björkborns Herrgård in Karlskoga (just a 50 meter walk through the forest from the road).

However if you are not a stranger to adventure I may suggest that you start further north, but be aware that you will get your fair share of lifting over fallen trees and beaver dams. For that longer route I recomend a packraft or some other light inflatible canoe such as the Advanced Frame or Twist. The furthest north I have ever started is at Stockforsen, 13 km north of Björkborns Herrgård, but that was a hard trip with a lot of lifting. Starting from the brigde at Tallfallet is easier

IMAG0217-1_Fred_Lightblue_SoftThe best time for paddeling is in April or autum after a longer time of raining. The shorter 5 km route is always paddeble.

There are no houses along the way and accept from a couple of bridges, there are no sign of civilization. I always encounter different kind of animals such as owl, beaver, deer and wild boar. IMAG0224_Antonio_Green_Scatter

The river is very shalllow and narrow in the north. At some points it is more like a small creek than a river. But as it runs out in the bigger Timsälven it has grown in both width and dept. IMAG0218-1_Sophia_Arton

If you are lucky and in the mood for some whitewater paddeling, the damn hatches are open at Björkborns Herrgård. There are two video clips of me doing some white water packrafting from that location here and here.




Wilderness: 100%

River: 100%

Hiking: 0%

Rapids: 0%



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