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Information angående Swedish Packraft Round-Up 2016

By Deliverance Team 2016.02.01 in Uncategorized

Två hela dagars packrafting (fredag morgon – lördag kväll.) Start vid Rullbo och avslutning vid Kronstugan (se kartan nedan). Vi kommer att paddla 40 stycken forsar klass 1-4 graderade för canadensare, men de är mer som klass 1-3.

Samling torsdag eftermiddag och hemfärd söndag morgon efter en natts vila eller partajande. Karta:
Vi kommer att samordna skjuts med våra bilar efter bästa förmåga mellan start och mål. Kunnande och individuell säkerhet är ett personligt ansvar. Mötet arrangeras inte av någon organisation och är kostnadsfritt. Tanken är att vi alla hjälps åt efter bästa förmåga.

Anmälan och mer information finns på Facebook evenemanget Swedish Packraft Round-Up 2016.
Henrik Bergqvist från Deliverance Team är upphovsman och samordnare av detta event.

Swedish Packraft roundup 2016

By Deliverance Team 2015.12.28 in Uncategorized

It is time for the second open Swedish packraft round-up.
The first one was held in Nittälven 2015.

The next packraft round-up will be the 5-8 of May 2016.

It if free for anyone to join.

This time we will be packrafting the river Voxnan.
For more information and to sign up for the event, visit the Facebook event here.

Black River part three (Movie)

By Deliverance Team 2015.08.25 in Finished Adventures

Black River part two (Movie)

By Deliverance Team 2015.08.23 in Finished Adventures

‘Black River’ is a documentary about the exploration of the river Svartälven and its surrounding water ways.

Black River part one (Movie)

By Deliverance Team 2015.08.23 in Finished Adventures

‘Black River’ is a documentary about the exploration of the river Svartälven in Bergslagen and its surrounding water ways.

Packrafting Bergslagen: Lakes

By Deliverance Team 2015.07.28 in Finished Adventures

The Svartälven River System

Place: Malmlången, Karlskoga – Lundsfjärden, Grythyttan

Water Flow: 37 m3/s

Date: 16th Juli 2015

Henrik went on a solo tour upstream the water ways of the river system Svartälven. Equiped with a packraft, sail and fishing rod he paddled his way north, through the boreal forest and lakes of Bergslagen. This part of Svartälven is more of a lake system, than a river system. The journey took three days and he passed four lakes along the way; Malmlången, Skärjen, Halvarsnoren and Lundsfjärden.

Without a sail and so many big lakes, this route is not really packraft friendly. Buf if you do own a sail and have the winds blowing in your favour, a packraft might be a very good idea. There are several portages along the route because of dams and a packraft makes them pretty easy to do.

The river can be paddled at any season, accept winter. We  recomend to paddle the river in autumn, when the wide open lake views gives an fantastic show in red and yellow.

If you want to see more about the trip, watch our movie Black River.

TheBrigdeRonniesmall DSC_0090small downersmall smallskarjen DSC_0126 widesmall DSC_0070small DSC_0138 widesmall Blackriveraladin-small DSC_0147 small



Packrafting Bergslagen: Rapids

By Deliverance Team 2015.07.28 in Finished Adventures

White Water Wilderness.

Place: Northern Nittälven, Lilla Nitten – Uvbergsbron

Water Flow: 2,6 m3/s measured near the outflow of Nordtjärnsälven. If you want to paddle, we recommend at least 3 m3/s. Check it at:

Date: 27th of July 2015.

A weekend of heavy rain (40 mm) made it possible to packraft the northern part of Nittälven. The route has many small class1-3 rapids and one waterfall. It is not possible to paddle it with an regular open canoe or kayak. Lightweigh inflates are the only way  to go.

The Deliverance Team announced on the “Packrafting Sweden” forum on Facebook, that the part of the river was raftible during a short period of time. Peter, from the Southern part of Sweden, took the chance to float with us. The route is 11 kilometers and it is a perfect day trip. Lunch halfway at Brattforsen.

If it looks like fun and you want som more detailed information about the route, you can find an old movie here and a detailed guide here (in Swedish).

DSC_0027small DSC_0060small fucks DSC_0510small forinstasmall DSC_0198small DSC_0236small DSC_0265small DSC_0369small DSC_03732smallrightsiza DSC_0435small DSC_0441small DSC_0462small DSC_0494small2 pirsd DSC_0597small


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